All youth between the age of 3 and 4th grade are invited to take part in the 129th Junior Maifest!            Click here to Register for Junior Maifest

All youth in grades 5th – 8th are invited to be Jesters in the Junior Maifest coronation.  If they choose to be a jester,  then they may also choose to participate in the production in the Senior Maifest coronation.       Click here if you are in the 5th – 8th grades and want to Register for the Maifest.

All high school students are invited to take part in the 129th Senior Maifest coronation!     Click here to Register for Senior Maifest

Please download a copy of the Maifest Participant Waiver Form for each child participating.   Bring the completed form(s) to the Costume Assignment location which will be provided at a later date.

Are you a home-brewer and would like to submit an entry into this year’s 2018 Meister Von Bier Flyer competition?  Click 2018 Entry Form.   Coming soon

Are you in a BAND or NON-COMMERCIAL GROUP wanting to participate in the 2019 Maifest parade? Click Parade Entry Form 2019.

Email form to

Mail forms to:

Maifest P.O. Box 1588 Brenham, Texas 77834-1588

If you would like to make a donation to the Brenham Maifest Association,  please  click on the Donate button below.  All donations will go towards goals and projects established by the Maifest Association.  Some of those include  college scholarships and improvements to our city parks.   Benefitting the youth and our community if the primary goal of the Brenham Maifest Association.  Thanks for helping!

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