Parade Lineup 2019

129th BRENHAM MAIFEST MAY 3rd & 4th 2019

Maifest Parade May 4, 2019 @ 10:30 am.  Please be in place by 9:30 am.  The parade will start early if weather threatens.  KTEX 106.1 and KWHI 1280 will have updates. 

Thank you so much for  supporting the Brenham Maifest and following the directions below!

Please print the gathering information and parade lineup for your group leader to bring to the parade.  You will need both parts to locate your gathering position and to know when to enter the Parade.

Where to gather prior to and when to enter the Parade:  Please look at the line up below the gathering information.  You will need to know who you follow to enter the parade at the correct time.  The entry you follow may not be parked or gathered near you. If you follow a float, it is easier to locate it by the sponsor (see line up below).

When gathering on the street, please park close to the curb to leave the center of the street clear.  Lots of folks and vehicles in limited space – so arrive early, be friendly and have fun!

Please understand the lineup is subject to change before the parade.  Should that occur, a Maifest official will assist you. 

If you would still like to participate in the parade,  please click on the form and submit:  Parade Entry Form 2018

GATHERING INFO and Special Instructions

In order, Middle of Main at Market: BHS Marine JROTC and Drill Team, Blinn Cheerleaders, Blinn Treasures and Blinn Band.

In order, south side of Main, east of Market to corner of Clinton: Grand Marshal, Blinn Officials, Sweet Treats Ice Cream Truck,  2018 Jr. Royalty,  UT Alumni Band(reruns), Senior Activity Center entry, On Zion’s Hill (reruns) 2018 Sr. Royalty Float.

In order, west to east – Performance Health and Wellness parking area:  Please back in: City Officials, WC Sheriff, WC Sheriff’s Chaplain, Sunrise Beach Lawn Chair Brigade.

Scout Troop 742: By 2017 Royalty float in front of Coastal Bank:

Blue Bell Antique Delivery Truck – park with Float 18 and rerun

By KWHI/KTEX radio station: Arens Services (follow 2017 Royalty float, return via Clinton street), KTEX Country Cruiser (follow I LOVE A PARADE float # 20 and rerun)

 Drive thru by Coastal Bank: BJHS Band

BHS Soccer Team, BHS Belles, BHS Band: gather in the Brenham History Museum lot, follow BISD Officials onto parade route (See line up)

EMS Honor Guard and Vehicle(s): Old Bus Station parking area

New this year** In Order with middle of street open, on Main Street, east of Ross Street. Please do not block the intersection of Main and Ross. Maifest Floats will be used twice and must use Ross Street to return to Main Street for reloading.

South Side of MAINWashington County Officials (3 vehicles), WC Fair Entry, WC Chamber and Blue Blazers: follow float 26 up Main, wait just east of Ross for EMS Honor Guard and vehicles to pull out. Shriners: follow group up Main, but wait just east of Lester’s to follow Junior Royalty Float pulling out.

North Side of MAIN :  BISD Officials :follow Shriner’s up Main to park just east of Lester’s, wait, then follow float 51 ( rerun of float #26), letting Soccer team in front of you with Band behind

 Bluebonnet Opry Entry,  Antique/Classic/Special vehicles : follow UT Alumni trailer rerun after float #35  (rerun of  #10) 

Skate Car: follow Silver Wings float #44 (rerun of #19)

Art cars:  follow R&S Leasing/KWHI float #48 ( rerun of #23)  

If you have a question, call Dottie Schaer 979-277-2036 on May 1st or 2nd .

 2018 -Maifest Line Up

Please see “where to gather/line up” info above. If you do not see your group specifically listed, you are a part of the Antique, Art and Classic Cars and Special Entries group.

BHS JROTC Color Guard

Grand Marshal – Margie Routt Young, 1968 Senior Queen of  “ A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Blinn Junior College Officials

Blinn Treasures

Blinn Buccaneer Band

Boy Scout Troop 742

*2017 Junior and Senior Royalty – 1 Float, no number

Arens Services – Pull out from N. corner of Main/South Market intersection, return via Clinton Street to same location.

Street Sweets Ice Cream Truck – Two blocks from end of parade on Alamo, pull over to right intersection of Alamo and Baylor streets to sell treats.

Float 1 – Former Royalty !!does not rerun!!

Float 2 – Bluebonnet Electric Company (Former Royalty / re-runs with participants)

Brenham Fire Department Firetrucks – 2

 City Of Brenham Officials

Washington County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff’s Dept. Chaplain – Pastor Johnny Williams

Float 3- Germania

Float 4-Sparkling Scepters– WITH SOUND

Float 5 – Must Be Heaven

Float 6 – Kolkhorst Foods

Float 7 – K-Bob’s

Float 8 – Tegeler Auto– WITH SOUND

Float 9 – J & A Roofing

Float 10 – Nina Hopkins

UT Alumni Band (will rerun)

Washington County Senior Center entry

Sunrise Beach Lawn Chair Brigade

Float 11 – Wellmann Insurance

Float 12 – Heather & Arlen Thielemann

Float 13 – Baylor Scott & White- WITH SOUND

Float 14 – Dahmann Associates/Washington County Landscapes

Float 15 – Thielemann Construction

Float 16 – Brenham National Bank– WITH SOUND

Float 17 – J&J Packing

On Zion’s Hill musical entry (will rerun)

Float 18 – Blue Bell

Blue Bell Antique Delivery Truck (will rerun)

Float 19 – Faske’s/Silver Wings/Wittner Plumbing/BWG

Float 20 – I Love a Parade

 KTEX Country Cruiser ( will rerun)

Float 21 – HEB

Float 22 – Heritage Texas

Float 23 – R&S Leasing /KTTW-KWHI–

Float 24 – Sonic– WITH SOUND

Float 25 – Van Dyke Rankin

Float 26 – Design II

WCVFD Firetrucks  – reserve 2 for Senior Royalty Group

Washington County Officials

Washington County Fair entry

Washington County Chamber of Commerce and Blue Blazers

EMS Vehicles

EMS Honor Guard

Brenham Junior High Band

2018 Junior Royalty

Brenham and Houston Shriners

Float 27 (rerun 2) – Bluebonnet Electric

Float 28 (rerun 3)- Germania

Float 29 (rerun 4)-Sparkling Scepters– WITH SOUND

Float 30 (rerun 5) – Must Be Heaven

Float 31 (rerun 6) – Kolkhorst Foods

Float 32 (rerun 7) – K-Bob’s

Float 33 (rerun 8) – Tegeler Auto– WITH SOUND

Float 34 (rerun 9) – J&A Roofing

Float 35 (rerun 10) – Nina Hopkins

UT Alumni Band

 Bluebonnet Opry entry

Antique and Classic vehicles ( if any )

Float 36 (rerun 11) – Wellmann Insurance

Float 37 (rerun 12) – Heather & Arlen Thielemann

Float 38 (rerun 13) – Baylor Scott & White– WITH SOUND

Float 39 (rerun 14) – Dahmann Associates/Washington County Landscapes

Float 40 (rerun 15 )– Thielemann Construction

Float 41 (rerun 16) – Brenham National Bank – WITH SOUND

Float 42 (rerun 17 )– J&J Packing

 On Zion’s Hill

Float 43 (rerun 18) – Blue Bell

 Blue Bell Antique Delivery Truck

Float 44 (rerun 19) – Faske’s/Silver Wings/Wittner Plumbing/BWG

Skate Car

Float 45 (rerun 20) – I Love a Parade

KTEX Country Cruiser

Float 46 (rerun 21) – HEB

Float 47 (rerun 22) – Heritage Texas

Float 48 (rerun 23 )– R&S Leasing/Radio Central-KTTX-KWHI

Art Cars

Float 49 (rerun 24) – Sonic – WITH SOUND

Float 50 (rerun 25) – Van Dyke Rankin

Float 51 (rerun 26) – Design II

Washington County Volunteer Fire Truck

Washington County Volunteer Fire Truck

Brenham High School Soccer Team – walking

 Brenham Independent School District Officials

Brenham High School Belles

Brenham High School Band

2018 Senior Royalty

Side of Main Street where floats will load:

2017 Royalty: North side

2017Junior Royalty : south side

2017 Senior Royalty: south side              1 – 8:  North side


South side, east of Clinton Street:

9 – 17: South side                                           18 – 26:  North side

Reruns begin here:-   –   –  –  –   –   –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

27 – 35: South side                                   36 – 43:  North side

44 – 51: South side